(Gr)album is a multimedia app that melds music with art, graphics, moving images, & storytelling into an interactive whole. Meant for touch-screen devices, users tap, pinch, and swipe through these digital albums and experience a completely new way of listening to and learning about music.

The (Gr)album Collective was founded by Sarth Calhoun, a Brooklyn-based electronic musician & soundscape producer whose long-time work and collaborations with Lou Reed eventually led to the conceptualization and design of the (gr)album platform. (Gr)albums enable musicians to create new and immersive experiences that change the way people interact with their music.

Art forms are born,
and they die.

In even these future-shocked days some ideas are unthinkable. Can you imagine a world without music? I can't, and I won't ask you to try.

But as long as there has been music, it has warped and changed quite righteously with technology and the times.

In recent years, our way of finding, sharing, and collecting music has expanded. How we make, compose, and record music has evolved. But is there a new way to experience music?

Can you touch music? Get lost in a world of sound and light, immersed in the artist's creation?

Feel the story the music tells, privately, only to you?

Of course you can, now.

This was the future of music, but we're here now. Put your headphones ON.

- The (Gr)album Collective

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