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Support //


1. Download the app
2. Connect your device to iTunes
3. Click on your device in the left column in iTunes
4. Click on Apps in the top of iTunes
5. In the File Sharing Section Click on Book of Sarth
6. Select the songs that you want to import into iTunes in the Book of Sarth Documents area
7. Click the Save to button and save those music files to your Desktop
8. Drag the music files from your Desktop into iTunes
9. Sync your Apple Device with iTunes
We will be making it available on other platforms soon, but right now you can download a free track here. You can also follow us on twitter and facebook.
We deliberately publish Gralbums with no help or documentation whatsoever. It is our intention that any curious person would be able to navigate with only a brief period of exploration.
That said, some explanation may be in order:
- While viewing a gralbum, it will always respond to your touch. Do not be afraid to touch it!
- Swipes will always move you forward and back
- Pinching in and out will always zoom so you can look at the images your own way
- Swipe to move through the pages of the gralbum.
- Tapping on the bottom of the screen will bring up the navigation controls
- Tap on any image to dive into a unique view, tap again to return to the gralbum pages
- In many gralbums you can use two fingers to pan around!