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Review by The Verge

Musical artists like Nouvelle Vague and Björk have already started using mobile and tablet apps as a way to promote or add value to their records, but a recent project called The Book of Sarth is using the app format to a slightly different end. A graphic novel and album mash-up, the app is an intriguing rethink of what album artwork can be in the digital age — and may even prove to be a platform for a new kind of narrative storytelling.

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New York Times

Sunken Cathedral in The New York Times

The origin of sound is often concealed in a blur of fast-moving arms, fingers and bows — a thick tapestry of notes created by instruments clustered together and sometimes only partly visible to the audience. A crucial element of the Korean-American vocalist and composer Bora Yoon’s performance art is highlighting the tactile elements of sound production, as she does during her mesmerizing “Sunken Cathedral”: a soundscape blending electronic, acoustic and visual components ...


Review by Stereophile

The Gralbum Collective are trying to recapture this enlightening experience with the Gralbum, or graphic album, a packaged release of image, word, and song for iPad and iPhone.

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Review by The SoundCTRL

The effort to change our perception, interaction and definition of music and other art forms continues on, with a fascinating combo-concept presented in the form of an iOS app dubbed the “Gralbum,” which officially launched last night at Soho Arthouse.


Review by Gizmodo

I wouldn’t mind rolling a j before playing with this trippy app. It’s an immersive album/book with art from seven different artists and music from Sarth Calhoun. You can totally lose yourself in it.

Tumblr Storyboard

Review by Tumblr Storyboard

"The Book of Sarth, an interactive, multimedia iPhone and iPad app that combines original music with photography, illustration and ambient sound design."

Chain D.L.K.

Review by Chain D.L.K.

"Brooklyn-based electronic musician/composer/improviser Sarth Calhoun a.k.a. Sarth has spent the last few months working on what at first sight looks like just any other iPhone/iPad app but actually has a lot more to it than that: it’s a book, it’s a story, it’s an illustration, it’s an album, it’s a graphical album (hence the name “The Gralbum Collective”)… and it might even, potentially, be a new way of distributing music all together!"

Eight Nerve

Review by Eighth Nerve

"Is it a graphic novel? A concept album? An animation? An App? A book?
The Book of Sarth is all of these things plus a narrative about an ear worm that is, itself, an ear worm! The Book of Sarth is the first example of an entirely new art form for the early 21st century. The initial offering of the Gralbum Collective, a self-described group of musicians, artists, and programmers working to establish new forms for creative expression, The Book of Sarth is available now in the App Store and has to be experienced, more than described, but an attempt at a verbal description follows"