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Ever sit across from a stranger on the subway and find yourself imagining a theoretical backstory for their lives? Who is this person? What are they thinking? Where did they come from, and where are they going? This has happened to artist Tom Hart a lot over the years. The result of these musings is his Train O’ Thoughts series of annotated illustrations, drawn live and in real-time during his subway commutes around New York City. These portraits, incorporating hypothetical biographical text -- names changed to protect the peculiar -- now burst forth in interactive (Gr)album format. Experience their stories as the train rolls on and the characters come alive, with a brassy soundtrack by Exaltron (+ Sarth) setting the tone for the first example of this series.

Headphones On …

Run time: 8:52
Download Size: 102 MB
Produced and published by The (Gr)album Collective
Released: April 2015

3 songs

  • "Hope is a state of Mind" - Sarth - (3:28)
  • "El Precio" - Exaltron - (2:54)
  • "Tryphtic" - Exaltron - (2:29)

Over 40 original drawings and urban sonnets
Ability to export song to iTunes for listening and sharing


Art and Words: Tom Hart
Music: Exaltron (+Sarth)
Video and Animation: Jacob McCoy and Leah Coloff

Subway Stairs


Bio: Tom Hart

Tom Hart Bio

He was an artist, a dinosaur in these computer times - electronic miscommunications. He made things by hand - utilizin’ a fountain pen, a brush, cut paper-collage style. People need to create. He drew from life by drawing himself. Life draws you in. Feed your soul with art

NYC squeezes, squishes, pushes, persuades, pollutes and pressures lives. It’s Darwinism to the power NYC, resulting in industrial-strength personalities and life in its most highly concentrated form. The train is the mother lode of Earth’s most interesting people. The mosh pit of life’s concert. Mecca moving for anyone infatuated with the side effects of evolution. These are truly one-of-a-kind characters. It’s my job to capture and preserve them here in Thomas Hart's Train O’ Thoughts. I ride the rails every day with my sketch pad - I hope you enjoy the ride.

Exaltron was born of an uncomfortable liaison between a virtuoso gypsy musician and a primitive voltage controlled synthesizer, exaltron was raised as a Improvisational Musicborg capable of interfacing with any MIDI controlled device. Although lacking the passive circuitry required for most direct programmatic data transfers (known to Pseudoborgs as "musical instruction"), exaltron on occasion has managed to upgrade certain technical protocols.

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Tom Hart Bio
Tom Hart Bio
Tom Hart Bio
Tom Hart Bio
Tom Hart Bio