About the (Gr)album


A sonic and scenic journey through the chambers of perceived subconscious, this (gr)album features immersive visuals and stunning video footage. Seoul-based new media artist U-Ram Choe’s animated sculptures are the backdrop for Yoon’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and sweeping soundscapes. The music is adapted from her Grammy-eligible multimedia album, Sunken Cathedral (INNOVA Records), and provides the perfect accompaniment to the eery grace of Choe’s work.

Headphones On …

Run time: 14:14
Download Size: 443.5 MB
Produced and published by The (Gr)album Collective
Released: November 13, 2014

"Father Time" (3:32)
"O Pastor Animarum" (4:27)
"O Viridissima virga" (6:15)
Original poetry by Bora Yoon: "Architecture of the Mind"
Live video of animated sculptures and various imagery
Ability to export songs to iTunes for listening and sharing


Music and Poetry: Bora Yoon
Sculpture: U-Ram Choe
Art Direction: Jacob McCoy
Video: Adam Larsen

O Pastor

What is a (Gr)album?

Bio: Bora Yoon

Bora Yoon

Korean-American composer, vocalist, and sound artist Bora Yoon creates immersive audiovisual soundscapes using digital devices, voice, and found objects and instruments from a variety of cultures and historical centuries. Evoking memory and association, she formulates cinematic storytelling through sound design. A site-specific and architectural composer, Yoon has written for a wide spectrum of spaces ranging from an abandoned pool and a Frank Gehry building, to galleries and black box theaters. A 2014 TED fellow, Yoon’s pioneering works have been presented by Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Nam June Paik Museum (Korea), Singapore Arts Festival, MADE Festival (Sweden), Festival of World Cultures (Poland), Park Avenue Armory, and Walker Art Center, among others. Classically trained and steeped in a first love of choral music, Yoon is fascinated by the intersection of space and sound, maps, human Venn diagrams, handsome-sounding kitchenware, sonorities, and the pulleys and strings that hold everything together.